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How to Get What You Want In Life With a Systematic Approach in Action

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Have you ever had the desire to have more of something? More success, more achievement, more money? Maybe you've wanted a fitter body, more energy or more time for yourself?

Well, you can have it all.


You can get even more of what you want by using a systematic approach: clarify what you want and then take regular action.

Sounds relatively simple and straightforward, right?

Well, it is.

Yet it's often quite challenging for people.

For emphasis, I'll say it again. The keys to getting more of what you want are clarity and consistency.

Clarity outcomes

The first step in getting more of what you want is to get clear on what it is you actually want.

Imagine a photograph slightly out of focus. Then visualise the same photo in all its brilliant clarity. The difference is in the detail.

The first step in getting more of what you want is to get clear on what it is you actually want.

Get clear on what it is you actually want

Another example. You're heading for a weekend away with a bunch of friends.

Now, you're not just gonna jump in the car on Friday night with them all and say "OK, now where?"

You'll obviously make a plan beforehand. Where you want to go, what you want to do and places you want to see.

You'll make the arrangements, pack what you need and have the directions to your destination.

Then, when you get into the car on Friday evening, you're ready to head straight to where you're going.

Preparation and planning go a long way to helping you get what you really want

All the preparation and planning beforehand will make a difference in how your weekend turns out.

The same principle applies to what you want in life.

With focus comes clarity

Let's now look at another example many of us will be familiar with: wanting to exercise more and become healthier.

Having an objective like that is great however it's just like saying you want to go away for the weekend with your friends.

It's a nice thought, but there are no plans in place as to where to go, what to do or how to get there.

By spelling out the outcome that you want, you'll start to focus your mind.

By spelling out the outcome that you want, you'll start to focus your mind.

So, you need to start planning by first clarifying what does exercise more and becoming healthier mean for you?

What type of exercise do you want to be found and how often will you exercise? What other activities can you do to become healthier?

Are you eating a balanced diet and getting sufficient rest? Do you have a good balance between all that you do?

By spelling out the outcome that you want, you'll start to focus your mind. With a focused mind, you may truly achieve more than you even expect.

Now that you have focused your mind, the next step is to create motivational magnets to draw you towards your desired outcomes.

These magnets are why you want what you want.

Magnetic attraction - knowing the reasons WHY

Reminding yourself of the reasons why you want a particular outcome will help you maintain your momentum. It's the motivation to keep you going when you start taking action.

Here are a few questions to help you create your motivational magnets

What will I experience by achieving my goal?

What benefits will I enjoy by achieving this outcome?

How will my life be different when I achieve my goal?

Everyone has their own reasons they want to achieve something. There are no right or wrong answers here.

It's important to remember that they are your personal motivational magnets. No one else's.

Going back to the example of exercising regularly and becoming healthier. For many people, you might be just like them. On the physical side, the benefits will help you reach your ideal body weight, be stronger, more flexible and less prone to illness or injury.

On the emotional side, you may feel better in yourself, are happier and more positive, handle stress more effectively and even become more confident.

create your motivational magnets

Create your motivational magnets

Whatever the reasons, make sure you have a clear picture as to what these reasons are. Ultimately, they will help draw you forward towards your goal.

Now that you have your motivational magnets to draw you forward, what is the next step?

Well, it's to make a plan as to what are the actions you need to take.

Create a plan and take action

Knowing what you want and having motivational magnets is just the starting point to help you get even more.

You now need to make a plan and then work that plan.

Many people can get overwhelmed when they set out to achieve their goals. Yet, when they break it down into smaller chunks, the goal then appears to be more manageable, more achievable and more real.

These smaller steps leading to the bigger goal help you to stay on track and stay focussed. When you stay focussed and motivated, you'll achieve (and even exceed) your desired outcomes.

Returning to the example of exercising and becoming healthier, decide how often you will go to the gym. What will you do when you get there? Which type of foods could you eat and how many times a week are you able to commit to eating balanced and nutritious meals?

What do you need to do to help yourself eat healthy foods? Do you need to ensure when you shop, you buy healthy foods? Do you need to keep some food at work for healthier snacking?

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

All this planning and preparation is the springboard towards helping you get even more.

Just like all the planning and preparation helps you to have a great weekend away with friends.

Now, once a plan is in place, you need to take action - regularly and consistently!

once a plan is in place, you need to take action - regularly and consistently!

You've already outlined what you need to do, so now it's time to actually do it.

Then, as you progress along the journey, make sure you stop every so often to check what you are on track. Make sure you haven't taken a diversion along the way.

If you have, take corrective action to get yourself back on the right road. The road that will take you to your desired outcome.

Your road map to success

You can achieve more than you might expect by being clear. Clear as to what you want and create motivational magnets of the reasons why.

These magnets include the differences and benefits it will make to your life when you achieve what you want.

Use these magnets as a reminder to yourself to help you stay on track with taking regular and consistent action towards your goals.

All these actions are based on your plan of action. Your own personal road map. The route you will take to your destination. The steps outlined from where you started to where you want to go. And, because you have stayed focused on the outcome, you may get even more than you expected.

It's amazing what people can do when they put their minds to something.

Great achievements are achieved.

Fantastic accomplishments are accomplished.

Huge successes are succeded.

About the author

Paul Stokes

Paul Stokes BSc (Hons) is a Certified Personal Trainer, Accredited Sports Nutritionist, qualified Exercise to Music Instructor, Precision Nutrition coach, Massage Therapist and teaches 8 of the Les Mills Group Exercise programs.

He currently works in the Oil & Gas industry as a Wellness Coach, imparting his vast knowledge and experience to improve the quality of life of several hundred offshore workers.

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