Skinfold measurements and body composition assessment at Perth Sports Nutrition

Skinfold measurements are an accurate and reliable way to assess and track changes in body composition. Using the ISAK protocol and quality equipment by Paul at Perth Sports Nutrition, you can be sure you get detailed and precise results from your body fat testing.

skin folds

Skinfold measurements at Perth Sports Nutrition using the ISAK protocol

Tracking skinfold measurements is a quick and convenient way to assess your body composition. You'll be able to determine how you are losing weight, whether you are losing weight too quickly and how your body fat levels are changing. I offer skinfold measurements for as little as $25 per assessment.

ISAK 8-Site Skinfold Test

Following the same ISAK methods and procedure used on the world's top Olympic athletes and physique competitors.

Body Composition Assessment

You'll receive a detailed report showing fat distribution as well as other body composition markers.

Accurate and Precise

Measured by a Level 1 ISAK Anthropometrist, you can rely on the skin fold analysis you receive at Perth Sports Nutrition.

Your body composition assessment from Perth Sports Nutrition

height & weight

The basics of body measurement. However, don't be fooled into thinking the basics aren't important. By accurately determining your mass and stature, you can assess what changes are happening as a result of your training regime.

skinfold measurements

ISAK - the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry is the peak body concerned with measuring body composition. Their global protocols are the world-recognised gold standard when it comes to assessing skinfold and other measurements.

girth measurements

Accurate analysis of your waist, hips, biceps and calves so you can see how your body composition changes. Track the progress of your muscle development and fat loss with each measurement report.

bone breadths

We'll even look at the size of a couple of your bones! These measurements allow important calculations to determine your body type and overall composition.


Determine where you fit on the endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph scale

Not only will you find out whether you're an ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph - you'll also learn to which degree you fit into each category based on your current physique. You can use this information to fine tune your workout regime and adjust your nutrition plan appropriately to your body type.

Progress tracking

With subsequent assessments, you'll learn how your body is changing and adapting to your exercise and nutrition regime.

About Perth Sports Nutrition


I'm Paul

As well as being an Accredited Sports Nutritionist, I'm also an ISAK Level 1 Anthropometrist.

With over a decade of training and coaching experience, I'll help you monitor and track your progress as well as offering tips and advice based on your results.

Paul Stokes Accredited Sports Nutritionist Personal Trainer and Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor


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Paul helped me out heaps and he’s a very lovely person very caring for every single one of his clients. The whole experience was excellent I would 100% recommend him to anyone.



He was thorough and accurate. Clear guidance of meal planning and preparation. Absolutely I would recommend him. He has a thorough understanding of the exercise industry


Single Analysis



Simple, fast and accurate measurement session

Skinfolds Package



Track your progress with 4 individual sessions spaced out appropriately to your requirements

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