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​I'm a personal trainer and accredited sports nutritionist living in Perth. I love helping people like you find their way through the confusing world of exercise and nutrition.

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...the best trainer out there!


Knows exactly what to do!

He was thorough and accurate. He listened to what I wanted as a result of the training and managed the exercises around my work schedule really well

I hit the goals that I aimed for and he also added extra follow up training in support of the existing training.

Clear guidance of meal planning and preparation

Absolutely I would recommend him. He has a thorough understanding of the exercise industry

Lee Former client

I wanted to say thank you again for that program. First week is done and already I feel amazing. A day or two after leg day it looks like I'm sneaking everywhere so it's certainly working! Really excited to keep going with it! Thanks a lot!!

Isaac Former client
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Paul Stokes Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist based in Perth


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  • ​Accredited Sports Nutritionist
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