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Look, feel and be the best that you can. Live up to your natural potential to be the strong, healthy individual you were born to be.

why work with ME?

Over 50+ Successful Transformations and Still Counting

One on One Coaching

Fully integrated exercise programming with a clear focus on technique and progression. I'll make sure you do things safely and effectively to get BIG results.

Program Design

Already got a workout program that you like? Let me help you develop and improve it. You'll be amazed at the difference just a few tweaks here and there can make!

Targeted Results

There's no point going ahead with any exercise program unless it's going to work in exactly the way you need it to. All my coaching is based on your needs.

What to work out online instead?

Check out my range of fitness classes and online training sessions you can do in the comfort of your own home.

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about PAUL

I use my experience to create yours

More than a decade coaching clients has taught me quite a few things:

I'm passionate about helping people develop a love for exercise and getting their bodies to look and feel the way they like.

Exercise shouldn't be a chore.

It should be something that you want to do. Not something you just go through the motions with, because you feel you have to.

the personal approach

Discover how I can make a difference to your body

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. What works for your mate might not work for you. I understand this. That's why I've developed a full coaching package that's fully customisable to your body and lifestyle.

I don't just focus on your training. I'lll help you with strategies to manage other aspects of your life. We'll cover nutrition, sleep habits and even deal with ways to improve your mental state.


Check what previous clients have said

Thankyou for an awesome workout today Paul ..... really needed that push in the right direction


I wanted to say thank you again for that program. First week is done and already I feel amazing. A day or two after leg day it looks like I'm sneaking everywhere so it's certainly working! Really excited to keep going with it! Thanks a lot!!

Isaac , Former client

Knows exactly what to do!

He was thorough and accurate. He listened to what I wanted as a result of the training and managed the exercises around my work schedule really well. I hit the goals that I aimed for and he also added extra follow up training in support of the existing training. Clear guidance of meal planning and preparation. Absolutely I would recommend him. He has a thorough understanding of the exercise industry

Lee , Former client

...the best trainer out there!


I Only Work With a Handful of Clients At Any One Time

This ensures you get the full attention and coaching experience you deserve. 

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