Custom meal plans and diet coaching to deliver results

Your nutrition program is personalised to your lifestyle, goals and habits. I use practical and up to date sports nutrition information to improve your physique, get lean or bulk up with a custom meal plan.

Custom Meal Plans Make It Easy

dietary assessment

We'll establish your requirements, current eating habits and food preferences.

progress monitoring

Weight measurements, body composition and skin folds as appropriate to help keep you on track

Making Your Personalised Custom Meal Plan Easy To Follow

I'll customise your nutrition program to suit your current lifestyle, daily schedule and training habits. You'll get suggested portion sizes along with meal and snack options. I'll cover your training nutrition guidelines to meet your goals we discuss.

Weight Management

Realistic goals adapted to suit your preferences, allowing you to manage a healthier lifestyle

Fat Loss

Leaner and healthier, our plan will help you drop body fat and maintain muscle mass

Muscle Gain

If hypertrophy's your goal, we can develop your custom meal plan to maximise muscle growth

Paul Stokes

Accredited Sports Nutritionist

With over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Paul is well prepared to help you in your fitness journey. As an Accredited Sports Nutritionist, you can be sure that his advice and guidance is backed by sound scientific research and proven methods.

lost 23kgs

I was 95kg ended up getting down to 72kg whilst he was training and coaching me. I learned a lot from technique, good form and eating right. Paul will teach you all aspects of your health and well being, not just working out.

Beccy (Operator)

thorough and accurate

He was thorough and accurate. I hit the goals that I aimed for and he also added extra follow up training in support of the existing training. Clear guidance of meal planning and preparation. Absolutely I would recommend him.

Lee (Electrician)

really excited

I wanted to say thank you again for that program. First week is done and already I feel amazing. Really excited to keep going with it! Thanks a lot!!

Isaac (Hockey Player)

Making your Sports Nutrition Plan Simple

We'll sit down and have a chat about exactly what your goals are and your training history. To be successful, you need a plan that's customised to how you eat and live.

We'll develop a custom meal plan for you based around your preferences and schedule.

Regular check ins and progress monitoring will ensure you stay on track and any adjustments can be made as necessary. No guesswork here.

You'll be set up for a lifetime of healthy eating and improved performance.

It can be hard to change habits, or work towards a goal. Especially if you're trying to go it alone. There's a lot of conflicting nutrition information out there and it can be easy to become confused. You don't have to be stuck any longer, let me guide and coach you on your way to a fitter, healthier and stronger body.

Regardless of how you often you train, or what your goals are, I'm confident I can help you. I've coached hundreds of people just like you, to make healthier choices and achieve their training goals. Getting started can be the easy part, but when it gets tough to keep going, I'll be there to help you.

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Nutrition Plan Prices and Information

meal plan

Your own personalised nutrition program

  • Dietary assessment
  • Suggested portion sizes
  • Meal and snack options
Body measurements

Determine your body composition

  • Skinfolds
  • Height and weight
  • Girths and bone breadths
  • 17 individual measurements
  • ISAK anthropometry report
initial consult & 2 follow ups

Keeping you on track

  • Custom Meal Plan
  • Measurements and Progress Tracking
  • Plan Reviewed and Adjusted as Required
initial consult & 4 follow ups

Longer term coaching for lasting change

  • Custom Meal Plan
  • Progress Reviews
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Measurements, Skinfolds and Reports

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Diet Today