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Avocado and Feta Toast – Fit Recipe

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Fresh, light and tasty - this avocado and feta toast recipe ticks all the boxes.  Packed with vitamins and bursting with flavour, this quick meal will work whenever you need it. 

It could be a fast and healthy breakfast or perhaps a light lunch. It also works great as a pre- or post-workout snack to fuel your muscles and boost your performance.


Avocados - I haven't met an Australian who doesn't love them! I can certainly see why - they're nutritious, versatile and quick and easy to prepare and use. I love the blend and balance of the flavours in this. The smooth, mellowness of the avocado, the salty feta, the fresh burst of basil and the kick of the black pepper and just a hint of lemon.

I think you'll really enjoy this one. I tend to have this as a light lunch or snack, but I know most people might prefer it as a breakfast or brunch-type meal. Perhaps for one of those lazy weekend mornings when you have some time to spare and want to sit down and really enjoy your first meal of the day.

Avocado & Feta Toast Ingredients

1/4 avocado

1 tsp lemon juice

2 thick slices wholegrain bread

2 small tomatoes, sliced

20g feta cheese, crumbled

1 tbsp fresh basil, shredded

1 tsp lemon rind, finely grated

Fresh black pepper, to taste

Serves 2

Avocado Feta Toast Fit Recipe with Macros and MyFitnessPal barcode


  • Toast the bread
  • Roughly mash the avocado with the lemon juice
  • Spread the avocado over the toast and top with tomato slices
  • Sprinkle with the feta and basil and grate some lemon rind over the top
  • Season with a little black pepper and serve

Avocado & Feta Toast Macros

(per slice)

159 kcal 


% of calories










Avocado Feta Toast Macro


You could leave out the lemon and basil and use some other flavourings instead. A spice mix such as Dukkah would be nice, or some toasted sesame seeds.

Bear in mind the lemon juice does help stop the avocado going brown. You might like to switch out for lime juice and zest instead.

See what you have in your pantry - lemon pepper seasoning, za'atar spice or even ground cumin or coriander would work well.

The basil works really well with the lemon and tomato but you could of course change this for any fresh herbs you have available. Parsley would give a nice light fresh flavour, or try coriander, thyme or dill for a different twist.

Be sure to leave me a comment below letting me know how you got on with the avocado and feta toast. Remember, if you want a printable PDF version, just click the orange button above or click here.

Additionally, if you're keen on tracking your macros - the PDF has MyFitnessPal barcode for easy logging and tracking.

Happy toasting!

Paul Stokes Perth Personal Trainer Sports Nutritionist Group Fitness Instructor Massage Therapist

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Paul Stokes

Paul Stokes BSc (Hons) is a Certified Personal Trainer, Accredited Sports Nutritionist, qualified Exercise to Music Instructor, Precision Nutrition coach, Massage Therapist and teaches 8 of the Les Mills Group Exercise programs.

He currently works in the Oil & Gas industry as a Wellness Coach, imparting his vast knowledge and experience to improve the quality of life of several hundred offshore workers.

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