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10 reasons why weight training is a must-do workout

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There are lots of reasons why weight training can give you the body you want. It's about time that all gym users realised this. Don't be fooled into thinking it's not for you. Weight training will tone and hone, strengthen and lengthen and shape and create a much more efficient fat-burning you. Don't ignore those dumbbells, barbells or fixed weight machines any more.

Here are 10 reasons why you should weight train:


Reasons To Weight Train Number 1 - Muscle is metabolic dynamite

Reason #1 | Muscle is Metabolic Dynamite

We start with one of the best reasons to weight train.

Muscle is the most metabolically active part of your body. It burns more calories than anything else.

So the leaner (more muscled) you are, the more efficient a calorie burner your body will be. Muscle is active tissue it burns in the region of 30% more calories than fat

Reason 2 - Weight training will reduce your chances of injury

Reason #2 | Weight Training Reduces Your Chances of Injury

Weight training will strengthen your muscles and connective tissue (ligaments and tendons).

As a result, you'll reduce the chances of picking up strains and pulls.

A reason many people weight train is to change their body shape

Reason #3 | You'll Achieve a Great Body Shape Without Cosmetic Surgery

Weight training provides you with the only natural way to change the shape of your body.

You'll be able to bring about change in your overall body composition (see reason #1). Furthermore, you'll be able to shape specific parts (see reason #8).

weight training can help you balance your body

Reason #4 | Weight Training Balances Your Body

You'll be able to develop a balanced body by carefully analysing what look you want to achieve.

Broader shoulders, bigger thighs, strong abdomi­nals are all possible if you follow the right routines.

Ask at your local gym for a personalised training programme. Or, better yet, get in touch with me to get the best programme for you.

Lifting weights helps to improve your endurance

Reason #5 | Weight Training Can Improve Your Endurance

It used to be thought that weight training was of little use when it came to improving endurance.

However, research has shown this to be untrue.

The stronger a muscle is, the more fatigue resis­tant it is. All else being equal, the indoor rower who has the strongest leg and shoulder muscles will be the better performer.

The key is to select weight training moves that resemble the action required of your endurance activity. For example, the leg press and the seated row for rowing.

Lean muscle mass also has another relevance to endurance. Again, everything else being equal, the leaner indi­vidual will have a greater VO2max. FYI VO2 max refers to an individual's ability to process oxygen.

If you want to get faster, train with weights

Reason #6 | You'll Increase Your Speed

Weight training can lead to increases in your ability to run, throw or perform a specific sports skill quicker.

One study indicated a significant increase in fast-twitch muscle capability after 3 months of heavy weight training.

Apparently, this was caused by the reversion of type 2a fibres to type 2b. Type 2a fibres are transitional in nature. They can take on the characteristics of slow-twitch (endurance) type 1 fibres or their ultra-high-speed type 2b cousins.

The right weight training programme can certainly speed up your performance. Par­ticularly if the moves you select are specific to your chosen activity.

Reason number 7 to weight train - lifting weights helps improve flexibilty

Reason #7 | You'll increase your flexibility

Weight training can indeed shorten mus­cles if you don't stretch regularly and thor­oughly.

That being said, certain moves can also promote flexibility as well as strength. Examples include the split squat which can mobilise the hip flexors. Additionally, the pec dec ma­chine which will stretch the chest muscles.

Increased sex appeall is a side effect of weights workouts

Reason #8 | Train With Weights to Increase Your Sex Appeal

Develop the right muscles to attract the right attention.

Want a sexy butt or a superhero chest? Then select the right weight training moves to reach your body goal.

If you want to prevent osteoporosis, you better lift weights

Reason #9 | Lifting Weights Can Help Beat Off Osteoporosis

One in three women are likely to suffer from the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis.

But men should note that osteoporosis could affect them too.

Research from the US indicated that 1 in 4 women will suffer from spontaneous, ie. non-fall­-related or -impact-related bone fractures. Weight-bearing exercise can significantly reduce the onset of osteoporosis.

Exercise alters the metabolic functioning of your bones, causing mineral content and bone density to increase.

Weight Training Helps You Increase Your Functional Life Span and Stay Younger Longer

Reason #10 | Weight Training Helps You Increase Your Functional Life Span and Stay Younger Longer

The gains that are to be had from weight training are available to all regardless of age.

Muscle will respond to training whether you're 19 or 59.

Strength declines rapidly as we get older. However, if we continue to weight train, we can certainly hold up this decline.

One study of ten subjects with an average age of 90 did eight weeks of weight training three days a week. The group averaged a 174% increase in strength as measured on quadriceps strength.

Some of the silver weight lifters were even able to discard their walking sticks altogether. They were able to sit and stand from a chair without assistance.

And weight training can stave off free radical damage. Free radicals molecules linked to heart disease and cell ageing. A survey indicated that those who did resistance training three times a week over six weeks showed less free radical damage than non-lifters.

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